Founded in 2012 by Lucia and Leynel

Lucia a natural artist learned how to “paint” using wires as expressive colors and her hands as brushes, pretty soon after they met their dreams entwined and New York’s streets became their gallery.

The tangles of pedestrians and custom orders inspired them and pushed their boundaries of creativity—Leynel loves saying “yes” to special requests, and Lucia approaches every new opportunity with excitement and flair. 

Daily Interaction with people in the streets of New York shaped their vision of twisting aspects of people’s life into Wire Sculptures.

Their story continues to unspool making wire sculptures while raising their two boys Sebastian & Milan.


Being the rose the first sculpture we made as a company it was something that impacted our vision and shaped our initial dream of making one million of them even though that vision was reshaped later by “twisting aspects of people’s life into wire sculptures”.

Today “One Million Roses” is the place where you can find unique personalized gifts for all. Our goal is to bring joy to everyone who comes across with our products.

We can’t lie to you all that very deep inside there’s still the dream of impacting millions of lives with our work.


We work from home, our apartment is full of wires, pliers, sculptures & joy.


Lucia went to fashion school and she also started oil painting when she was twelve.


Lucia was born in Bolivia & Leynel was born in Colombia.