What People Are Saying

OH MY GOODNESS! Our SPECIAL ORDER corsage and boutonniere arrived yesterday and are OUTSTANDING!! My daughter was so excited - they are such a neat reminder of our trip to NYC and will be conversation pieces as well as treasured mementos from her Prom. Thank you so much!!!
I ordered the Lawyer Wire Sculpture as a law school graduation present for my boyfriend and it is exactly like what is shown in the preview picture on your shop! I can’t wait to give it to him! I know he will love it! Thank you, Ley and Lu!
Love it ❤️
Colors are perfect 
Shape is timeless 
Great customer service 
Fast shipping 
Love their creativity 💕

I ordered a custom FDNY firefighter. They were responsive, the order arrived quickly and the piece is perfect. I am SO excited to gift it to my husband on Christmas!
Saw some of their wire sculptures during a visit to NYC, and liked them enough to excuse myself from my party and get their business card. Requested a custom order using photos as a reference. They followed up with several questions to tailor the design, and let fly. Couldn't be happier with the end result!
All 3 sculptures display beautifully in my living room. Thanks! 
Unique gift. Adorable and well made.